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Default Dell Mini 1010 and internal SATA HDD problems.... - 03-06-2010, 12:26 PM


I'm having the same issue as Zolitaire.

Whenever I try to install, whatever the method, OSX installation cannot find any internal HDD.

I've successfully installed it into an external HDD, but when I place HDD back into Dell Mini, it won't boot (ACPI_SMC.... Waiting for root device....)

Did you have the same issue?

Mine is a Dell Mini 1010 (with HDMI and TV Tuner). Is your Mini this same model and config?

I'm going crazy with this. I'm now trying Zolitaire's last method, step by step (only installing the kexts you recommend), and let's see what it happens. I'll tell you later.

Thanks everybody for your help.

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