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Sorry to keep replying to myself but it should make it easier to follow.

Got it to work (at last)

Booting from NetbookCD with DVD plugged into right hand USB port & external USB HDD plugged in left side (importantly for me was to have no HDD in the Dell Mini10!)

Install as normal (per procedure set out in the NetbookCD Install)

update to latest version OS-X (did this over WiFi no problems)

connect to web and visit the following pages & download the appropriate files -

NSnowD10 12?11? (This is *just* for the AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext) (for the

& finally, this one is a godsend - (for Kext Helper b7) - this installs kexts files for you - drag & drop!

download everything - run KextHelper & drag the AppleintelPIIXATA.kext, the unzipped contents of the file
into the kext entry box - if you have any others to install why not drag & drop them in there now.

enter your master password & click "easy install" - voila - installed - the KextHelper may not close properly just force quit

next re-run Kameleon bootloader form the desktop - and let it install itself on the HDD (select your target & options)

then shut down the netbook/OSX from the menu - let it shut down, give it time(!)

disconnect battery & power adapter

next you can put the HDD inside the netbook & close it all back up - stick the battery back on & plug it in (if necessary) - boot up normally. (I got a hibernation error which stayed on screen for about 4 seconds then it booted normally)

it *seams* okay so far - the audio has a preference pane in system properties if volume is too low, and video playback is quite painful, but I understand that the driver is basic.


p.s. pwolfamv I found those other kext files you mentioned would not allow machine to boot (apple with prohibited sign on top after a couple of minutes) had to re-install

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Originally Posted by pwolfamv View Post
You'll need to copy the osx dvd to a usb stick (since you have a working OSX just follow this guide for doing that: NetbookInstaller 1: USB Installation via Mac | Guides | OS X | mechdrew ) then inject the AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext into the Netbook Bootmaker and run it on the usbstick. Then install OSX again (on the internal drive) using that as the install media and not the CD.
Still couldn't get it to work on the internal drive that way - I removed the drive, did the install then put it back in there ;-) (as per above procedure)

Cheers for finding that AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext file - but as mentioned the other kexts caused issues.



p.s. edit 07/02/2010 - < working from internal drive (no external connections)
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