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Originally Posted by kzfisher View Post
All righty sports fans - I am off and running OS X on the 1012

OS X update to 10.6.3 worked per pg 18 -

sound is working.

BUT WiFi is a no go - anyone know what I need to tweak?
Do you have Dell 365 bluetooth? I have that and it is working by default.

Would you share some of your setup info?
- Are you able to connect to external monitor? Anything you add for video?
- Are you able to sleep/wake (or hiberate/wake)? Anything you add for sleep to work?

I have everything working except the two above......

 Mini 1011 | N280/A05 | OSX 10.6.5 (NBI 0.8.5Pre), WIN 7 Pro | 2G RAM | 250G HD | BT
 MacBookPro2011 | OSX 10.6.7 | 4G RAM | 500 HD
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