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Default Mini 9 RAM issue - 06-05-2020, 03:22 PM

Good morning,

Long time since I've been here... Too long...

Wanted to start goofing off with my Mini 9 again so I dug it out of the closet. It's been in the closet for about 4 years. I know the battery is obviously dead, and it was a cheap one from eBay, so probably no good anyway now.

Problem I'm having is maybe a RAM issue?

I pulled the battery and plugged it in and tried to boot. I got a 1-4-3 beep code which from the beep code chart makes it sound as if the RAM went bad.

It's a Transcend stick of 2GB DDR2 800 CL5. Wish I had another stick to swap and try, but I don't...

It worked fine the last time I used it. Has anyone ever heard of RAM going bad just sitting in a machine? I've been in the computer arena for about 42 years and this is the first time I've ever seen anything go bad like this...
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