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Default No mac, how to get netbookinstaller img. Can't find any imgs that work on google code - 08-30-2013, 03:09 AM


Not sure if anyone reads these anymore but hoping so.

So I have a mini 10v and used to have osx on it. Ran like a dream. Anyway I had to reinstall windows for a uni project and now I want osx back.

The first time I installed osx I used a mac in order to get netbookmaker/netbookinstaller in order to boot into osx. Now I don't have that luxury so I'm trying to do it without the mac.

All I see on google code is the .app versions of netbookinstaller where can I find the .img versions?

Extracting these shows .img versions but I used transmac windows version in order to write them to a USB stick but the mini doesn't seem to recognise them on boot.

Any help?
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