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Originally Posted by psavas View Post
HELP! I've tried this several times now and the only way I can get any kind of boot out of the machine is if I boot from the OSX Install USB, and then select the OSX partition on the hard drive.

When I try and boot from the hard drive, the system keeps rebooting, over and over again after the Chameleon boot screen.

When I try and select the OSX partition from Chameleon by interrupting the process by pressing the space bar, the machine reboots.

When I try and select the Windows 7 partition, I get a message that says:
BOOTMGR is missing
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

The system I am installing on is a Dell Mini 10 (1012) with WLAN tied to AT&T. The system is brand new. I do NOT have a Windows 7 install disc as Dell only gives you the ability to create "Recovery" DVDs. The Recovery discs will either restore a backup, or restore the machine to the way it was shipped from the factory (by wiping all the partitions and recreating the partitions as it came).

Can anyone help me figure out what to do next?

call dell and request a windows 7 install DVD. they will send it. they might charge you but if you say ur having issues and are unable to create the restore disc's they normally take pity and send it for free. once that's in hand u can use just about any disc ripper and make an ISO out of it and then download this then with luck it will restore to your usb and ur ready on the windows front. BUT the newer version of 7 will NOT.. and i mean WILL NOT. install to A GUID partition. so ur gonna get stuck using a partition utility to setup the drive under MBR and using the install OSX to a diff drive then restore it to its partition on the mini. its a process and as of right now.. a dell mini 1012 DOES NOT SUPPORT 10.6.8 IT WILL NOT WORK. i promise. Anyways thats my two cents.
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