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Default [New to Me] Dell Mini 1018 - 11-26-2020, 02:07 PM

Heya ! So blessed to have found this site. I picked up a Dell 1018 at a pawnshop, without power brick, for 20 bucks a few weeks ago. Got a new power brick for 10 bucks, a new external DVD burner thingie for 15 bucks, and now I'm trying to resussitate(sp?) it ...

So far, it charges well, and when I try a boot, it gets me into recovery mode, trying to attempt some fix. Don't see any options (yet) to install the OEM image, but I think it exists...

Booting with Knoppix gives me 3 partitions - some hidden stuff on the first partition, full windows 7 starter on the 2nd, and a tonne of other stuff on the 3rd.

I've gone through recovery a few times to pick a prior point - lots of status bars across the screen but it's not cranking into any clean boot.

Just wanted to post here for a minute, I have tonnes of notes and photos and screen shots and file listings - I'll be asking some hard core questions later on (but not today). And I'll be posting my stuff here ..

My main goal is to get the Windows 7 starter pack OS set up or installed properly, and set up another partition for Knoppix, with a boot mgr pick list.

ME? Tech background, screwdriver, OS, software development, and it's rare I get stumped on something ...

Thanks so much for the admin for the interaction on FB - I really appreciate it !
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