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Default Just found this little laptop - 08-12-2018, 11:08 AM

Well it's been years since I went and cleaned out some old draws came across this old girl, still going even one battery seems to still charge the others are all dead, and heck no chance I'll try and replace them this unit is just to old now and this form factor when compared to a 13 inch modern small laptop is actually not that much smaller with the large bezel around the screen.

But she still booted up, running OSX and win 10 on two units the OSX version is just so much faster don't think I'd bother to much with Win - both running the runcore 64gig SSD's & 2 gig Ram that were so much faster in the day, but wow it lives and booted - managed to get a system error about the clock being out so probably the small MB battery has now failed. Anyway they live still work - probably won't dig her out for another 10 years!
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