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Default Battery Question - 11-24-2012, 05:55 PM

I have a mini 1012 which has sat unused for about a year. It would not power up and the battery was drained. Well I finally stopped being lazy and bought an a/c internal jack, which I guessed was the cause of the non power up issue. Took apart the laptop and replaced the jack with one I bought off ebay.
Put it back together and now it works (I am typing this on it) but at the start up screen it says it cannot recognize the battery. I took the laptop apart again to see if there were any loose cables or pinched wires. Plugged a/c adapter in and the charging light came on (not the orange lamp) I walked out of the room and the charging light was off and at start up got the same message.

So after this wall o text, is my battery bad or is it the laptop?
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