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Default 10-15-2010, 12:48 AM

I find that trackpad and mouse operation are inconsistent.
I have also had connections to an external ,monitor where the mouse cursor initially only showed up on the Mini screen and I needed to iunplug and replug the VGA cable to get the mouse cursor to show on the external screen.
Never did get the trackpad cursor to show up there yet.

In my mind, this is a crude work-around only. Shouldn't one be able to have the external monitor plugged in before booting up and then everything shows up on the external automatically, that would be my expectation.

I only use the external monitor to watch videos - much nicer on a bigger screen and higher resolution.

Mini 10V, OSX 10.6.4, 1GB RAM, 320GB/7200 HD, BT, WiFi
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