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Lightbulb Guide to turn Dell Mini 9 into a Chromebook? - 01-07-2012, 08:48 PM

Well, all, my Dell Mini 9 has faded from use because I just don't understand Linux very well and everything is too outdated for modern web browsing. Even though the size of this little guy is perfect, I can't use him anymore. Realizing that literally all I use my netbook for is web browsing, I'd like to skip a real OS altogether and get the Chrome OS. However, I am afraid that hardware, such as the wireless internet, USB ports and trackpad etc. wouldn't work if I just wiped this thing clean and tried to put Chrome on it. Are there any guides anywhere? Has anyone successfully done this? Anyone want to give it a whirl? I really want to resurrect my cute, ultra-portable Mini 9!
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