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Originally Posted by TwistyTravster View Post
So I came to an unfortunate conclusion about my Dell Mini.

It works GREAT for almost everything that Android has to offer. It runs plenty of Android games, streams movies from a DNLA/uPnP server, accesses Social media, runs Google Office, and even certain Emulators.

However, I attempted to use Moonlight Streaming to stream full quality games from my Gaming PC to the Dell Mini, and it wouldn't work. After syncing Moonlight to NVIDIA GeForce Experience, when I tried to access Steam, it gave me an error, saying that 'This Device or ROM doesn't support hardware accelerated H.264 playback'. This came as somewhat of a surprise, because the Dell Mini has no issue playing/streaming movies in the H.264 codec on my media server. But there doesn't seem to be a way around this.
streaming works better with windows. (in my case)

buy a 10$ HDD cooler with 2 60mm fans
then use a usb to molex cable to power it.
it has a decent airflow. this will solve overheating issues.

my mini has 2GB ram an has windows 32bit
i have a supertalent dual wide ssd of 128GB

if you are using wifi to stream, try upgrading the wifi card, i have used a old one out of a asus laptop.

as for remix os, i might not use it, for safely means
there is also another alternative os:
reactOS (windows alternative)

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