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Default 08-20-2010, 04:14 PM

'lo, just to drop in to let you know I am reading the feedback in this thread!

The dark skin was retired as only about 2% of active members were using it and with every update I had to edit two templates manually instead of one. Thankfully the next version of vBulletin (3.8.7) will be the last one on version 3, once this is released I will be able to play away to my hearts content without any fear of having to re-do it all again.

My plan is to modernise the layout (break out of the <tables>) to reduce the page sizes and do everything through CSS, it should then be easy to factor in a similiar dark skin again.

As for hating against Dell Streak I am working on a solution too, I'm simply gonna add tabs for different sections here is my plan so far - do give feedback because I am a bit doubtful to whether I have got it right:

- News
- General
- Beginners
- Where to Buy
- For Sale
- OS Forums
-- And all the subforums.

Dell Minis/Netbooks (can't decide on name)
- Dell Mini 9
-- Dell Mini 9 Subforums...
-Dell Mini 10
-- Dell Mini 10
---Dell Mini 1010
---Dell Mini 10v
---Dell Mini 1012
---Dell Mini 1018 (so getting rid of Dell Mini 10 Hardware/Upgrades)
- Other Dell Products
-- Alienware
-- Dell Mini 11z
-- Dell M101z
-- Dell Mini 12
-- Dell Nettops
--- Zino, Studio Hybrid

Dell Mobile
- Dell Streak
-- Dell Streak Subforums
- Dell Smartphones
-- Aero
-- Mini 3i etc
-Mobile OS
-- Android
--- Apps, Dev etc.
-- Windows Phone 7

What do you think?

Please do not send me support requests via PM.
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