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Default 08-16-2010, 11:45 PM

maybe the addition of a Shoutbox?..for all currently logged on users to chat one on one/with each other in a "Live" sort of would be good to require a secondary login & password which could be the same as their regular login and password but this would keep the shout box on a more up to date/live type situation..should also include some sort of an inactivity timer where as if the user was inactive for xxx minutes (a pre-set time), it would log them off of the Shoutbox, but not out of the forum this way anyone that appears in the Shoutbox would actually be on-line and available for chat

maybe the addition of a Graveyard...that would include ALL closed threads for all forums for people to be able to VIEW only..granted it would have to be up to the mods to move the threads there but I am a mod on other sites and it actually works out quite well as long as the mods stay on their that forum would build up over time...maybe the admins could have some sort of an auto purge routine to run nightly that would delete anything in the Graveyard older than xxx days (ie, 90days or 120days...3 or 4 months)

maybe the addition of a software/links forum that would ONLY include software links to sites that offer free software/upgrades/info for the Minis, that could be broken down by topic...such as DRIVERS, APPLICATIONS, MANUALS, UPGRADES, HOW-TO's..etc, granted most of this exists already but it is so scattered it makes it very hard to find for any user never mind new users..this also would require some up keep by the part of the mods

maybe the combining of the Beginners and General Questions forums...I really dont see much of a difference between them..I think they might be able to be combined in to a single forum maybe just called Questions

maybe expanding the new users creation process to sort of forcing the user to enter in the specs for their systems to be included in their signature (auto update into signature field) this would be helpful for those answering questions for the users. (as a pretty active user on this forum the first questions are usually what system do you have a 1010,1011,1012 etc..what OS are you on XP, Win 7, OSX, Linux..etc) by the user entering this info upon registration this would alleviate a lot of back and forth banter before you even get to the actual issue at hand, now this can be done in either a free form text type entry or through programming with either drop down lists or radio buttons and let the user click on the specs that they have installed.

as far as some of the other things mentioned such as Facebook and Twitter options I guess would be good, I dont use either..but then again where do you stop? you then add Myspace and any of the others?.there are new ones coming out all the time...where does it end?..either you gotta include them all or none..everyone will tell you a different one is more important to them..I dont even text on my phone...thats why I have a 17inch HP 3.2ghz Laptop and a Mini 10 for portability

Also other mobile features might be handy being as where thats where our society seems to be heading..agree or not it is..personally there is NOTHING that important that I need to text to somebody while I am driving down the road..but then again thats just me

I really dont think we need a separate section for the Streak, it still a Dell product, if we are gonna do that why not a separate section for Alienware also.......I think its broken down enough as it is now...

YES....I am a Systems Programmer/Analyst/Developer

still thinking of more!!!

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