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Originally Posted by Tushar Raj View Post
I cannot change your bias, however you should also respect others opinions.
Actually, I don't give a damn what other people think, and if you seriously think that a plea to respect other people's opinions is going to sway me, you are sadly mistaken. No amount of begging or pleading is going to change the primary fact: you didn't do your homework before you purchased the Streak and are now trying to shift the blame from yourself for making a mistake to Dell so that you can somehow salve your wounded ego.

I wouldn't be frustrated that there was no service pack for Windows 7. But, your analogy is flawed. A more apt comparison would be upgrading from Windows XP to Windows Vista. The upgrade to Vista provided new features not found in XP. An upgrade from Froyo to Gingerbread would do the same thing. However, neither a service pack nor an upgrade would impact the work I do, and that is why I wouldn't be frustrated.

Now, you seem to think I'm a Dell employee (I'm not) because I said Dell used the Streak as a marketing experiment. I don't know how things work in your country, but in the United States test marketing occurs on a regular basis. I'll use a very easy example: Pepsi Throwback.

Pepsi Throwback is a version of Pepsi manufactured for consumption in the United States using sugar rather than HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup). The result of the change from HFCS to sugar is no aftertaste, which is prevalent with HFCS since it is a syrup that "sticks" to your throat. The other benefit is that sugar is in fact healthier for the body overall than HFCS.

In any event, Pepsi marketed Throwback for a limited period of time in certain markets. They did this to gauge customer reaction to the product. In other words, they used the populations of those areas that received Throwback as a marketing experiment. The result of the marketing experiment is that by the end of the limited period Pepsi found out that customers really liked Pepsi Throwback. Pepsi made the decision to release Pepsi Throwback nationwide, and have it permanently become part of their selection of sodas.

Dell did the same thing, only somewhere along the line Dell got its wires crossed and instead of a marketing blitz we got a marketing whimper. Dell has done a lot of things right with the Streak, and has done a lot of things wrong with it as well. I have already agreed with you on that and thus do not need to repeat myself. But now you have said Dell is somehow cheating its customers through experimental marketing of the Streak. Change the company to Pepsi and the product to Pepsi Throwback in that sentence and read it again. Explain to me exactly where customers were cheated, because I'm not seeing it.

Nobody got cheated here by Dell. The only person who got cheated was you, and that is because you cheated yourself by not doing the research to make sure the phone was actually right for you before you bought it.

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