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Default Adamo XPS plus Win 8 = ? - 10-02-2011, 03:34 PM

Looking at adding a lightweight notebook and considering either a Duo or the still exotic looking Adamo XPS. I know they're very different animals, and the touchscreen UI in 8 would be a little more intuitive on the Duo, but I'm also thinking that since the Adamo pad supports multi-touch, it would still work pretty well. I'm also thing the rather anemic specs on the Adamo would really work well within the small Win 8 footprint.

Has anyone tried it yet?? Does it make the Adamo a little peppier? The computer will be used in the field to load images from my DSLR into Adobe LightRoom 3.5 (not CS) for basic viewing and culling. Any editing is done at my desktop. Otherwise, this will be used for basic mobile computing stuff - surfing, email, occasional video watching while traveling, and the occasional PowerPoint or slideshow.

For what you can pick up a refurb Adamo XPS, it seems like a decent option in the light, portable range...

By the way, I do have experience in Win 8. I have a drive that has the OS on it that I have been playing around with. I'm really digging the direction it's evolving in!
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