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Default Operating System not found message - 02-22-2014, 06:09 AM

I'm hoping some kind knowledgeable person can help a relative dummy (computer wise) with a problem.

I just bought a mini 10v from evilbay. The seller said it had windows 7 but when it booted up, it said no operating system was found.

I don't have a pc, I have a MacBook and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions (other than send it back :-) ) to get it to a condition for Hackintoshing.

I have been looking for this model for a long time and I hope not to have to send it back.

I have hackintoshed 3 other mini 10vs with no problems. I got into the hackintoshing but when I get to the part to format and partition the hard drive, there are a bunch of sections that show 10.5 MB or so and one "disc" that shows 67MB or so. Is there anyway, through a terminal command or anything to reformat the hard drive?

I don't really care if Windows of any flavor is ever installed on the machine but I'd like to get it to a condition to hackintosh.

Please help and any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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