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Originally Posted by alex4orly View Post

Just got myself one of them toys, looking good, just can find an actual user manual anywhere and I have some questions:

1) If I want to use this as a Phone (I got a SIM card today), how can I do it?
2) If I want to take a photo with the 5M camera, how do I do that?
If I want to use it for a GPS, how do I do that?

Any help will be appreciated

For the manual, go here:

Drivers and Downloads | Dell [United States]

Select the Latitude ST as the product. On the following screen, one of the links is Manuals.

1. The Tablet is not a phone per se. You should use Skype if you want it to make phone calls. If you have the WWAN setup, it is used for High Speed data. The SIM card is used to connect to your provider.
2. Download and install the Dell Camera software. Open it and change the camera. There is an icon that looks like a camera with two circular arrows around it. That is what is used to switch.
3. I believe if your WWAN has Gobi, you can use A-GPS that is provided by the cell carrier. I currently use a Garmin Bluetooth GPS device.

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