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Default 01-31-2014, 01:53 AM

Hi, all. Thanks a bunch for this thread… I've had to rebuild my Mini9 a few times, and I've used the tools from here each time.

That said, I'd like to recommend a few things to the two tutorials:

First, on step 1, it might be useful to alert users to the gigabytes they can save by limiting printer descriptions and extra foreign languages. I still have the 16gb SSD, so this is crucial for me.

Second, on step 3, I've changed my own, personal copy of the tutorial to read:

3. When it reboots after 10.6.8, it’ll show the NBI icon and sit there for ten minutes or so before starting a reboot loop. Hold shift at boot and type "recovery=yes" at the startup disk icon. It won’t echo “recovery=yes”

I kept thinking "Chameleon" was the blank white screen where I've seen messages like "hibernate is too old" or something. It was only when rereading this thread that I understood that the reboot loop was normal and that it would never echo "recovery=yes". Rookie mistakes that gobbled up some 15 hours of mine, sure… and, even more amusing, is that I don't think I made the mistake the previous times of getting confused over Chameleon.

Thanks again!
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