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Default Re: Swap and Temp files on SD? - 10-15-2008, 07:14 AM

i posted this on a cnet forum to answer a person doing research on the mini 9 for his boss. i thought it's relevant for this thread as it shows that i actually increased my swap file to 1.5gb ( i have a 1gb ram) because windows almost crashed on me when i had it set to the default 200mb. sorry about the title, as i was a little bit insulted that one of the replies suggested the dell mini 9 is nothing more than a pda..

with all of my apps installed and the 1.5gb swap file on my c: drive (16gb ssd), i still have over 7gb available on the c: drive.

-----------------below was posted on a cnet forum----------------------------------------

Dell mini 9 a PDA???

i bought a dell mini 9 - 1gb ram, 16gb ssd, 1.3mp webcam, no bt, winxp home edition and just received it last thursday. originally, i ordered it from the dell website but had to cancel because it would have taken about a month, and i found a seller on ebay selling it for about the same price, brand new.

i spent some time this past weekend to move a bunch of stuff from my full-sized notebook computer dell latitude d610.

when i got the dell mini 9, i noticed that the c: drive was compressed, i uncompressed it, canceled the process and manually uncompressed the folders c:\windows and the c:\program files. i then uninstalled all the junk that came preinstalled (ms works, av sw, etc.), downloaded the windows updates, and installed, office xp pro (without access and info live?), yahoo messenger, cboe toolbox, skype, pokerstars, steganos anonym and safe, mcafee enterprise, juniper vpn client (java web-based), firefox (with add ons), vlc, divx codec. maybe an item or two i forgot to mention.

also, when i ran 5 tabbed windows on firefox, it said virtual memory was low, so checked the settings on my computer (properties) and it was set to 200mb. i adjusted it to 1.5x my ram size (1.5gb)...

even after all that, i still have over 7gb left on my c: drive.

i do have a 320gb wd my passport usb external hard drive (powered by the same usb data cable - sweet) so all my stuff, pics, media files, etc, that take a lot of space are there. i also have an 8gb sdhc memory in the dell mini 9 card reader slot which i don't plan to take out. i moved c:\i386 and c:\dell to the sdhc memory.

everyday, i have about 7-8 tabbed windows on firefox opened which sounds weird, but one is for yahoo mail, one for, one for gmail, one for cme futures, (during market hours) about 3 for real-time stock quotes list (stock symbols and option symbols - 10 items per window), one for forum watching, one for commodities - switching between energy commodities and agricultural/metals, one for general web browsing. eight tabbed windows on firefox is the limit (for me) before it starts to have to scroll sideways.

i also have 3 tabbed windows on ie for ted spread, libor rates, usb swap spread plus a window to start the java-based web chat for stocks. yahoo messenger is always running. skype is also running (for sms messaging to international cell phones, cheaper than using t-mobile international sms). i actually use yahoo messenger for voip international calls as the rates are better than skype. i also use yahoo messenger for web chat with my fiance who has a lenovo s10 netbook.

with the juniper vpn client, i can connect to work, even remote desktop to my office pc (or servers) and have access to virtually all of the computer resources at work.

i trade stock options and play real money on pokerstars, so if this is not reliable for those activities, i wouldn't use it.

so, if all pda's can do all of that, then i suppose a dell mini 9 is just a pda...

[btw, i typed all of these on my dell mini 9 eventhough my dell latitude d610 is just a few feet away. pretty used to the keyboard now, after spending some time with it last weekend. can't wait for my verizon card to be converted to usb so i can use it on this. the dell d610 will probably stay in my laptop bag most of the time while i have my dell mini 9 plus verizon card with me in my messenger bag wherever i go]

my notebook: dell inspiron 11z - 11.6" display | intel core i3 330um | 6gb ddr3 ram | 80gb Intel ssd | Linux Mint 12 OS - Cinnamon 1.4 [Virtual Machine - WinXP SP3]
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