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Default 06-29-2011, 12:46 PM

I have run the version available at

tutorial follows :

First I downloaded Unetbootin
(specifically unetbootin-win-549.exe);

Next I downloaded both images from here the dellmini.iso.gz and the dellmini_usb.img.gz

I made a 1gb usb stick into an android boot rom from the iso version and the usb .img version both had the same issues (very buggy, no sound, random display issues, and keyboard settings are not persistent even with the proper filesystems and settings suggested on the android x86 website and wiki)

since i had no sound and other random glitches, i started reading and decided to give the sparta (dell mini duo) image from here a try

better results with the sound, graphics, and persistent settings but wifi doesn't work. Ethernet worked fine and adding gmail was easy and usable, youtube works great, and music plays fine.

so if someone out there with more skill than me in this department can figure out why the sparta image isn't graphically glitchy and sound works, can include the wifi drivers from the dellmini image we would have a nice transitional dell mini droid that runs the 9 10 and 10v, EDIT OH yeah and the DUO also.

I know this is an almost dead thread from last year but since I had not seen anything else on it so I decided to respond here and let those who were interested try it out.

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