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Default Bricked DiM1012 - 07-28-2012, 10:55 PM

Thank you worked like a charm
but I needed to do the formatting from windows XP it didnt work out with virtualing etc..
once more thnak you
P in Sweden

Originally Posted by Odaglok View Post
Hi Humans!

First, I would like to thanks to each one of you who helped me to fix my BRICKED Dell Inspiron Mini 1012!!!

Dell Inspiron Mini 1012-BRICKED-BIOS Recovery-How2:

1-Download this; www . mediafire . com / ?8s2p10tnv38j9qz

2-UnZip the file "".

3-If you are running Windows XP, just run "WINCRIS.EXE" and it will format your USB Pendrive and also it will all the necesary files into the USB Pendrive.

Note: I'm running Windows 7 64bits. And I wasn't able to do the "WINCRIS" process at all, but, thanks to VirtualBox, I created a Windows XP SP3 32Bits Virtual Machine, and I did the "WINCRIS" procedure inside the virtual machine.

WINCRIS will let you know once the process has been completed.

4-Remove the USB Pendrive.

5-Remove the battery from your DiM1012.

6-Plug your USB Pendrive into the USB port located at the left side of your DiM1012 (The one next to the VGA port=

7-Press and hold "FN" and "END" key, with your left or right hand.

8-Plug the power adaptor into the back of your DiM1012, with your free hand (left or right).In the exact moment when you plug the power adaptor, you will see the left white led it's ON (Power LED).

Right after that, (and only if you didn't released the "FN+END" key), you will hear one beep, then the white led light right next to the POWER LED, the HDD LED will turn on for a couple of seconds.

After this, you will see your USB Pendrive "reading", with a green constant ligh on (Mine is a Kingston DataTraveler USB 2.0 7.46Gb)

This is when one the magic happens...

9-You'll hear a lot of beeps, in many diferent "order"... but in less then 2 minutes, those sounds will stop... right after that...

you'll see "DELL" logo and the BIOS is alive again...

Once again, thank you all guys...

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