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Default 07-17-2011, 05:03 PM

I've had several net books starting with the original eee 7" up to an 11" acer with win 7.

Bought an iPad 1 and and iPad 2 both at release and always have the latest iPod touch and semi recent android phone.

By far the iPads get the most use...

Instant on, comfortable to use, extreme battery life, low maintenance. Great for Netflix in bed with the 10 dollar case/stand from No worries about airflow in bed or on the couch.

Still use the 701 with xp when I'm making a Housecall (pc repair tech). And since I recently got a used mini 9 I've been enjoying using it with snow leopard. If I had installed windows on it though it'd probably be collecting dust on the shelf with the acer.

But Sometimes you need a real computer, and at those times the iPad just doesn't cut it.
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