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Cool 06-12-2010, 05:46 PM

1. Is the screen easy to see when outdoors? Can the brightness be adjusted for when your indoors and don't want to go blind(er)?

- Yes you can adjust the brightness!

2. Does the Dell UI prevent you from doing anything, like adding animated backgrounds and stuff?

- There are apps that replace the ome screen experience, "better cut" is one that springs to mind.

3. Does the Dell UI support pinch to zoom and what not?

* My experience with dell in the past is that they tend to add on tons of things you neither want nor need onto the native OS and one always has to find a way to remove things to keep them from interfering with the native OS.
- Pinch to Zoom is all down to the apps, the web browser pinches to zoom and Google Maps will do with 2.2

4. Do you think that all Android releases will be delayed on this device? Or will it stay permanently at 2.2?

- If they need to apply their own UI every time it will probably be delayed, although by the time another version comes out the chances are there will be methods to update manually

5. Would you say that this is a triumph? Would you make a note of its huge success? Would it be hard to overstate your satisfaction?

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