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Default How to resize OSX partition in Dual boot - 01-28-2010, 02:54 AM

I recently did an experimental dual boot of OSX and Win 7 on my main computer (M1530) after I had fallen for my 9 and 10v so much. The question I have to ask is how can I shrink my windows 7 partition and expand my OSX partition without reinstalling the whole setup again. I only made the OSX partition 80gb just incase I couldn't get it working it to my liking but all is well.

MacBook Mini---Black Dell Mini 10v
OS X 10.6.4 / Windows 7 Home Premium
2 GB Ram, 250gb HD, BT
SD card booting full installs of Jolicloud, Android, and XBMC
Mini 9 OS X 10.6.2 2gb Ram 16 SSD BT Mini 9 OS X 10.6.2 2gb Ram 16 SSD
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