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I finally chose to get this after reading as many reviews as possible, and after an hour of use I decided to remove it. I really wished I hadn't installed it. I'm really sorry to say bad things about a very clever bit of software, and I am sure if you are using the duo for everyday tasks like email and may be watching movies this is great. I think the customisation functions are superb, but it's just so sluggish. As soon as I put ArtRage on and it took 3 seconds to render a drawn line across the screen I knew I had made a big mistake. I tried other simpler art packages, and they were worse. Gutted. I really wished I hadn't tried it as before I had quite a fast machine. Luckily I backed all my old configurations etc and uninstalled. Blimey it did quite a bit of altering especially to firefox after the uninstall- it was like everything was shouting at me. So I think I'll stick with rocket dock sevendex and the tweaks mentioned on this site. Shame as it looks really good, it's not the fault of the thinix software it's just the inspiron duo isn't powerful enough.

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