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Default 07-10-2012, 05:57 PM

So an update on my 1121. The "DW1702" half size card I picked up (actually labeled HP part #592775-001 which is an Atheros AR5B195: Bluetooth AR3011 and WiFi AR9285 combo card) did work in the full size slot. Sort of. Under Ubuntu 12.04 there have been some reported problems with the AR9285 WiFi card that I believe I need to get worked out. (Note, the WiFi side of the card wouldn't show up in either the half height or full height slots, so I believe this is either an Ubuntu or card issue, nothing to do with the card location.) The Bluetooth side did get detected correctly and I could play around with the configuration for that. Didn't have my mouse handy at the moment to confirm connectivity but I expect it would have worked. More updates to follow once I get a half to full height adapter for the card so I can mount it permanently, or if I finally boot the Win7 partition.
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