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Default SSD-specific defrag solution - 12-20-2008, 03:57 PM

Apacer, a maker of SSDs, has announced a "SSD+ Optimizer" (which their literature sometimes calls "SDD+ Optimizer") in cooperation with Executive Software, makers of Diskeeper defragging software. This claims to improve long-term SSD performance by reducing freespace fragmentation thus eliminating erase-write cycles. A white paper from Apacer can be found at ... epaper.pdf The Apacer web pages describing the optimizer are at

Apacer says that their solution works only on their drives, but a week or so ago I saw an email from Diskeeper suggesting that they were offering this as an optional feature of Diskeeper and that it was part of the trial download, though I can't find a reference to this on their site now. An interesting concept. See their page at

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