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bmcclure937's post points to both versions of NetbookBootmaker (0.82 final and 0.83 RC1 testing)

If you use 0.82 stick with his tutorial.
Ignore the rest of my post.

If you don't mind some extra work and wanna use 0.83RC1 (for example because of a better Touchpad driver) here is some exta info:

In 0.83RC1 there is a Bug that the NetbookInstaller won't be installed.
But because of the new Touchpad driver I think choosing 0.83 RC1 is worth it.

Simply do this instead of Step 6 fom bmcclure937's tutorial:
Originally Posted by Crisu View Post
Ok - and if the installation has completed, you have to start from the usb-drive/stick AGAIN!!! This is very important, because the 0.8.3-version of NetBootMaker has a little bug, that Netbookinstaller isn't installed at all. This should be done by yourself.

Ok, you start again your system from USB-stick (holding F12 when system starts), and now you are again in the SL-installation. Here you choose in the menubar "Utitilites", and now "Netbookinstaller".

you have to choose following options:

1.) Choose your partition OSX

2.) Install Chameleon 2 RC3
3.) Install Mini10v extentions
4.) Generate a system specific dsdt.aml file
5.) Enable Remote CD
6.) Disable hibernation
7.) Fix Bluetooth

Choose Install, and when reboot your system from HDD.

Some additional tips:

Use method 1 from here:

To get Audio after Sleep in Snow Leopard with a 10v.
Takes about 15-20 seconds after wakeup, then it will be reactivated.

Also the Hibernate isn't turned off correctly.
So you loose about 1GB diskspace

See my post here for how to turn it off:

Dell Mini 10v | 1GB RAM | 16GB SSD | 1024 x 600 | OS X 10.6.1 | NBI 0.8.3 RC3 | USB Legacy: Off | 16GB Sandisk Ultra II SDHC sawed off
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