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Originally Posted by bmcclure937 View Post
No problem glad you feel "at home" and welcomed at MyDellMini

We try to be as helpful as possible. I guarantee you will enjoy your Mini and that the installation will not be as hard as it seems. After you do it the first time you will wonder why you ever thought it was so difficult. Thanks to meklort for the amazing work on NBI/NBM because the installation would not be nearly as easy without those wonderful tools!
Yes, I do feel at home.
Even if here everybody seems to know a lot about computers and so on, I've never had the impression of bothering someone with my questions or lack of understading at the first explanation. This behaviour makes an enormous difference, for a beginner like me.
You all do not make people who do not know as much as you feel like stupids!!

Ok...I think I'll try this WE, or next week at the latest!
I'm thrilled about the whole thing, barely can't wait...

Have you changed Dell Mini?
As far as I remember you had a Mini9...!
In the Dell italian site I could only find the 10v with 1GB RAM and 160GB HD...I'd love to get the same model: must be great, I guess!

Are those things (HD and RAM) upgradeable?
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