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Red face SL on Mini 10v...I'm a bit lost (sorry) - 09-25-2009, 01:31 PM

Please, forgive me for bothering you again with my basic question about installing SL on the Dell Mini 10v.
Between the old method and the new releases I begin to be a bit lost, as I'm also not very good about technical terms.
I've been reading a lot around in the forum, but I can't get the whole idea about the process I've to follow, including the little cares to be done (BIOS, USB legacy enabled and disabled...and so on). Could you tell me in a easy way what I need and how should I proceed to put on this wonderful computer the best OS I've ever used? I would be very thanksfull, really!

What I have:
- Lacie USB pen (8GB)
- a retail copy of SL
- an iMac with SL installed
- a Dell Mini 10v (1 giga RAM, 160GB HD)
- lot of patience
- some questions

What I haven't:
- specific knowledge ( )
- other help than this precious forum

Am I asking too much? Sorry about that... ...and thanks in advance!
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