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Default Re: Best way to have Dual Boot WIN XP and Ubuntu System - 12-22-2008, 03:58 PM

It's me again - Wubi is good for trying out Ubuntu, but for long-term use I'd recommend either a persistent USB-stick or a separate partition for Ubuntu.

Should you choose the partition (full install) route, there are also ways to dedicate the SDHC card to moving the majority of Ubuntu off of the SSD and reclaiming the drives' space for your media and the like. Unfortunately, this means the SDHC slot is required to boot the OS, so swapping it out becomes problematic.

If you're ready to try a usb-stick version of Ubuntu, boot into your Wubi install and navigate to System -> Administration -> Create a USB startup disk. Plug in your thumb drive and follow the instructions.

If you choose to dual-boot both OSs, there are other posts in these forums about how to do so.

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