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Originally Posted by friedje View Post
And who are you to judge that on one simple question without knowing the user ?

Anyway thanks to Steve for this streak-revitalising effort
the "user" exposed him or herself to criticism when asking for a link that could easily be found using a quick Google search. The fact that the user was unwilling to take the initiative to do just that simple act, PROVES the user more than likely won't be able to handle the few setbacks associated with using a beta version of a heavily developed ROM that changes almost on a daily basis... it was released early this week and there are already over 48 pages on the forum... which should ALL be read before flashing, do you think the same user that was too lazy to do a search for that ROM is gonna read through almost a 1000 posts, which unfortunately the vast majority come from OTHER USERS such is himself that ask questions without having read through the thread
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