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Default 05-29-2013, 08:22 PM

Hi, I thought it might let you delete all old partitions - except any reserved ones which have to be done at the command prompt.

I am OK with the small Windows partition the setup will create, so will let set up do the formatting.

I am probably just being a little paranoid as it is ages since I last did a complete new install and then not being allowed to do exacly what I wanted (or expected) threw me a bit. Only with the newly aquired 1018 have I discovered how to delete a reserved partition, but it left me with the impression the space was lost for good rather than just being unallocated. So I am reading and checking before I start!

The starter upgrade to premium just seems a waste of time as do the Dell utilities once you are out of warranty. So I figure having the premium disc for any reinstall issues is the way to go. Plus I will then know pretty much what is on the drive.

I have already downloaded all the drivers to be ready. The next step is to check the sequence to install them in.
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