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Originally Posted by BKR2879 View Post
The method on Mechdrew's site works fine for SL.

Also see here.....

You don't want to "install" to the device you plan to install OSX from onto the A90, you want to do a "Restore" from the disk utilities to that device.

In my case I did a SL restore to a USB stick, then ran the NetbookInstaller package to let it modify that USB stick (both steps done on a Mac), then booted it on the A90 and installed SL.

The 8GB part is where you're going to need to do more work and makes it more of a hassle. I dropped a 64GB RunCore in mine because I needed the space and money wasn't a problem at the time.

There's a guide here on how to do a selective install, not sure if it's still relevant though. You'll likely have to jury rig something together with a mish-mash of both methods.
ok im confused
i had sl restored to a hd
then booted it up and it said i didnt have enough space on my ssd
so i installed to another hd
booted it up and functioning properly
how do i copy to ssd on board?
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