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Originally Posted by jxanthony View Post
If you're still deciding which OS to install, I'd recommend SL only because I believe it is a better constructed OS than Leopard. But, I am waiting for NBI to be as perfect as possible before moving to SL.

If you're still up in the air, you can always check ebay for a copy of leopard!
Yah im too anxious to wait for ebay shipping... ive already waited for my delayed a90 to come in for 14 days.

and just a question... when i copied to sl disk image or whatever to an external drive, the sl disc is good as new and can be used on my macbook?

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Originally Posted by sukidesu View Post
I lucked out an order one as well. I just installed snow leopard and it seems to work fine.

I would recommend having several guides ready when you start. I was hoping for an easy install, but 5 hours later, I finally got it installed.

I wasn't able to strip down the install setup enough to install, so I installed to a USB attached drive. Once that was done, I just did a restore from the USB to the mini SSD.

Then run "Netbookinstaller" and select the mini SSD. Don't forget to turn off legacy support on your next reboot.

I'm able to tether to my iPhone using bluetooth. But, my sounds not working right now. I guess I'll be busy this weekend.

Good Luck.
ok i installed the sl to a usb hdd. Now what do i do? it says operating system cannot be found. what the heck.

and then what should i remove to condense the size?
i guess unused apps, ??
i really appreciate it
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