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Question About to install OS X on Vostro A90. Need some input, feelin a little ill-informed. - 09-24-2009, 03:33 AM

ok i ordered the Vostro A90 for $200 on sale at Dell Small Business.
specs: 1.6ghz processor. 8GB ssd. 1GB Ram. Ubuntu Linux installed

Multiple questions:
1. Snow Leopard vs. Leopard?
Why would i use Snow leopard instead? Faster.. shinier... stabler?

2. Do i need to purchase 2GB RAM to replace? is it really that neccessary and how does it help the dell mini 9?

3. Can i even put OS X on there with my specs? And there are sooo many ways to do it, what is the easiest and most effective way? this would be my first and probably not the last hackintosh upon success.

4. What would make this (hardware, technique) process and functionality as smooth as possible?

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