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Originally Posted by darknessblade View Post
streaming works better with windows. (in my case)

buy a 10$ HDD cooler with 2 60mm fans
then use a usb to molex cable to power it.
it has a decent airflow. this will solve overheating issues.

my mini has 2GB ram an has windows 32bit
i have a supertalent dual wide ssd of 128GB

if you are using wifi to stream, try upgrading the wifi card, i have used a old one out of a asus laptop.

as for remix os, i might not use it, for safely means
there is also another alternative os:
reactOS (windows alternative)
I already use a cooler. I really don't know how you would run the Mini without it. The lack of h.264 support is seriously a deal-breaker for me. I really wanted to stream games with Moonlight. But I think there is still a way.

I did a bit of research. It appears my Dell Mini does not have the Broadcom HD decoder. And I just disassembled it today to confirm that. However, I may try replacing the internal PCI-E Mini Wifi card with a PCI-E Mini Broadcom HD card. And then I coukd use a tiny Wifi 'N' USB dongle instead.

It is somewhat backwards of an approach, but I don't have a choice because there are no headers to install extra PCI-E cards. My only other option would be to get a Mini 1012 board off eBay that has the headers on it, as well as a Broadcom HD chip, which would make the cost unjustifiable.

The 3x USB ports on the Mini 1012 means that I wont be losing out too badly if I use 1 of the ports for a Wifi dongle small enough to not get in the way. I already have a wired network throughout my house, in case I decide to use the USB port for something else and connect a Ethernet cable.

UPDATE: I found a good deal on a Mini 1012 motherboard with the Broadcom included. I am going to install it and see how much better Remix runs. I will post an update afterwards.

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