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Default Re: System crash during update, will not boot. HELP!! - 01-15-2009, 09:09 AM

I am going to be busy today, but I'll be back tomorrow to help guide you through this if it isn't clear from reading what happened to this other user.

Nevertheless, try this: ... ost6526883 (post #7)

Then just keep reading - your problems are likely similar (either filled HD during update process, or partial configuration of update). It explains how to do all the following:

1. Get to a tty "Terminal"
2. Check HD "available" space
3. Delete files to free space (at least 50MB at this stage) if possible
4. Connect to an ethernet (wired) internet connection
5. Re-configure partially installed updates
6. Ensure all dependencies for installed updates are installed
7. Reboot into the main desktop environment
8. Repeat update process to ensure everything is completed
9. Correct the Firefox issues.

Good luck.

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