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Default System crash during update, will not boot. HELP!! - 01-15-2009, 02:06 AM

This morning i started the update process on my wife's Mini 9 with Ubuntu on it. Everything seemed to be going just fine and I had to leave for work. I was planning to let it finish the installs and i would get back to it later. I didn't even consider it would crash or something would happen that it is now in the current state it is. When I boot it now the normal Ubuntu logo appears but right before it finishes booting to draw the desktop it doesn't go any further. It stops on a tan colored background and never goes further. i can move the mouse but i can't get any keyboard or other commands to execute.

I don't mind reinstalling the OS but i have no idea how to do it. I have the official hardware and software that Dell sent and i have access to a USB dvd drive and a 4gb flash drive.

Can anyone give me some help on what i need to do to get this back up and running? I tried to get dell to help and they won't. If i had known there would be absolutely no tech support for this OS I might not have selected it (no offense to the community, i'm just not that good with linux right now)

Thank you in advance and please consider me an ubuntunoob

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