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Default 3.0 on Dell Mini 9 (default 8.04.1 lpia kerne - 01-13-2009, 10:21 AM

Has anyone managed this? I'd like to use 3.0 if possible.

I ran the i386 debs through the deb2lpia filter*-deb-in...fd3d3c2#p19834, and then installed with dpkg.

It installs fine, and even launches.

However, unless I create / open a database (Base) file, any other application (i.e. Calc, Writer, Impress) crashes before the new document is even displayed. It then goes into the document recovery, but never manages to recover anything (continuous loop: crash -> recovery attempt -> crash -> recovery attempt etc).

As mentioned, opening a Base file (and then closing it to return to the main launcher window) allows me to work in any of the applications. I think this is OK, but was wondering if anyone had any clue why this would be the case.

I have noticed a small bug in Impress when embedding objects, but that's a different issue.
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