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Originally Posted by zeitung View Post
5. The problem with the model identifier is this: The legacy kernel messes up the model name, instead of inspirion 910 it is Macbook 4,1. NBI warns you that you are running on an unsuported device, UpdateExtra does not. So it just installs (updates? not sure what it does) "General Extensions" because it does not know it is running on a Dell Mini 9, it just installs general stuff, not the specific Dell Mini 9 stuff.

In my case if I did not change the machine.plist only made my dell unable to boot.

The switch is very simple, the connector is under the keyboard, i just put a simple button switch that disconnects the power wire. Will post a picture when I get the chance...
thanks zeitung,
part of the problem I,m having is my bios is 05 for Vosto A90. My 10.6.7 extensions in /extra are in a folder named A90ext. When I update to 10.6.8 using the legacy pkg installer, it puts them in a folder called GeneralExt. I'm missing some model specific stuff. That's why I can't wake after sleep or get voodopower kext to work. So I reinstalled 10.6.7. then moved the legacy kernel only and renamed it mach_kernel and changed ownership to root. Voila, a90ext folder retained. Battery life back.

One problem though, no bluetooth after wake and I lost the mic fix. I know why. Rebooting with this method runs nbi installer. It would have been better to rerun it manually so as not to rewrite the .aml file.

Also, you can edit the nbi installer app's machine.plist the same way you did update extra.

I,m going update to bios 06 or 07, reinstall 10.6.7 from my backup and run nbi installer w/out rewriting the .aml and try it again with the legacy pkg installer (which does not run nbi)

I'd still like to see the button switch for your bluetooth. is it real small?
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