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Originally Posted by michaelcly View Post
Nice write-up! I think you're right—10.6.8 running fully on a Dell mini9 is still a worth owning. I'm think I'll try redoing mine. Before I go through all of that, I have a couple questions:

I have 10.6.8 running perfectly accept I have no sound after wake from sleep and battery life is 2hrs w 10.6.8 vs 3 with 10.6.7. I used the legacy installer. My questions are:
1. do you think VoodooPowerMini.kext will fix my battery life
2. how many hours on a fresh charge do you get.
3. what bios version are you running (v 5 here)
4. My legacy kernel installer renamed where the extensions are located to GeneralExtensions. Is this anything to be concerned with?
5. Why change the model identifier in machine.plist (update extra)?

I'm glad to see this write up. I would sure like to know how you put a switch on your bluetooth.
1 + 2. I used i-cpu to check the cpu frequency change, without it it stayed at 1,6Ghz, with VoodooPowerMini.kext it changes depending on load. So yes I think it will help your battery life. I have two batteries the first (old) one holds just under 3h. The new one about 3,5h. Without the VoodooPowerMini.kext it was also around 2h.

3. BIOS is A07

4. Not sure, if the computer works ok I dont see any problems...

5. The problem with the model identifier is this: The legacy kernel messes up the model name, instead of inspirion 910 it is Macbook 4,1. NBI warns you that you are running on an unsuported device, UpdateExtra does not. So it just installs (updates? not sure what it does) "General Extensions" because it does not know it is running on a Dell Mini 9, it just installs general stuff, not the specific Dell Mini 9 stuff.

In my case if I did not change the machine.plist only made my dell unable to boot.

The switch is very simple, the connector is under the keyboard, i just put a simple button switch that disconnects the power wire. Will post a picture when I get the chance...

Dell Mini 9 | A07 BIOS | 16GB Runcore | 2 GB RAM | MAC OS X 10.6.8 |

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