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Default reinstall of 10.5.6 going badly - 05-07-2018, 09:40 PM

I'ber had several Dellmini 9's running OSX Snow Leopard, leopard, XP , and even linux from the beginning of this Mini 9 project. used DellEFI and NBI. I inadvertantly 'hit upgrade OS X' for an iTunes problem I was re-owning an iPhone 4 someone of my son's friends had passcodes and forgot what it was. needless to say, I needed an old app to run on an old OS X machine.

several days later I am still unable to install Leopard 10.5.6 on my DellMini9. I tired my old DellEFI install DVD that used to be bullet proof. But always ended with graphics garbage after the combo update or inconsisent ability to boot or not. Wow using NetBookBootMaker & NetBookInstall from an 32GB flash stick. after what appears to be a good start with I get the stock star burst screen background and a super slow twirling beachball in the upper right hand corner.

What used to be a smooth progress has taken 4 days of screwing around not getting anywhere.
any idea? or has bit rot destroyed all the google code repository?

FWIW my DellEFI was on a DVD I saved all this time... hate to have to throw these away. But
they're no use without OS X to me.

thank for anyone who can lend a working synapse!

with the demise of the mechdrew docs, it's hard to find authenticate information

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