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Default 08-22-2013, 07:53 PM

Reviving another old thread (Linux on Dell Minis) but with good reason - I'm still running the original XP (which I'm perfectly happy with) on my 10V but MS support for XP ends, officially, in just over half a year now.

I guess all the Distros / versions mentioned earlier in this thread are somewhat old now - Linux mint 9 is mentioned a lot, we are now up to Linux Mint 15 as I write this in August 2013.

Those of you running Linux on your 10Vs -now-, what are you running on them? I have to say I don't want anything that resembles a smartphone interface and I don't like the look of Unity or the (un)usability of Gnome 3, so what's available that still runs on a Mini 10V?
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