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Originally Posted by Dan_Shane View Post
The new display was a straight swap with the old one. Single connector in precisely the same location.

I run 10.6.4 on my 2100, and the only glitches are no sleep, external VGA mirror doesn't work, and the screen is blank when OS X arrives at the desktop. I get around that by having a sleep corner set up so it wakes the screen when I (blindly) mouse to that corner and back out.

I discovered I was actually running the latest Windows display driver from Intel for the 945 Express chip rather than the Dell sanctioned driver. I downgraded to the Dell driver and Aero perked right up. I'm pleased as punch now.
Perhaps off topic, but since I've had no success updating beyond 10.6.2 I'm hoping you could help me figure it out. My 2100 has 2gb ram, bluetooth, rebranded broadcomm, and if I can get the update sorted out I'll pop in the HD panel (1366x768). Otherwise, it goes in the 10v (not my preference!).
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