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Originally Posted by sukemecuke View Post
Just finished with QDL. I am now on 2.2. YES!!!!!!! Downside is I know longer have a data connection. So have to figure out what setting got fooked.
got it all squared away with APN settings here. Did the update to 318 today. The stock one from QDL was hella quirky and unstable. This one seems to be rock solid. Still not getting the quadrant scores others are getting, but I won't notice the difference. All I'm gonna do now is root and setCPU, then call it a day. My work can now be happy as I get my exchange back on my "work" phone. WOOT!!!!! I like stock, so I don't see me going to any of the Custom ROM's for a while. I'll post how I got QDL to work as it took me a couple tries last night to get it to work. I will say when it was running, restarting, building the new cache, etc it was the longest 7 minutes of my LIFE. My wife got to the point she told me to sit down away from the computer cause I was making her nervous getting up and pacing around. lol
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