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Originally Posted by oklahemi View Post
i did the back up restore in a previous unsuccessful attempt to up update my streak. when i went to update the phone today everything came up and worked fine but i had no contacts no apps non of my ringtones, etc... i downloaded the dell app again and opened it. it gave me the option to back up or restore, i hit restore. it loaded all of my contacts, text messages, phone records, and gave a list of app to reinstall. i thought i was screwed on the contact note because i didnt do a back up since this one and thought it would have been wiped but there it was

i think it copies them to the sd card
ahhh I see. I wish more people would answer. I'd like to get a good read on was my bricking a fluke. I don't think I'll be getting the OTA update to 2.2 until the end of the month since I didn't get my streak until Dec.
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