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Default Looking for help with installing drivers for xp - 09-26-2018, 05:00 PM

Hello wonderful Dell Mini peeps. I recently found some Dell mini 1011s that I got when I wanted to Hackintosh. I did that with a couple and have passed them on. I have 2 1/2 units left and have found 2 deserving recipients for them. However, they donít do Mac so I got the original installation discs for xp out to start from scratch with something.

It appears Iíve overestimated my capabilities, again. Xp installed fine and seems to work but I can figure out how to get the drivers from the cd to the machine. When I fire up the external cd, it analyzes the system but stops there.

Since Iíve had macs for years, i am very very lame with windows. I follow directions well but I have to have ALL the directions! Start from scratch and assume I know nothing!

I would really like to get these units working so these people can have a computer. The other alternative is the trash. 😢

Any advise or direction to instructions is greatly appreciated!

Thank you. Mods, please excuse my ignorance and I hope Iíve not violated the rules.
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