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I do not think Samsung or Acer or whoever else bios is much better than Dell. What I see from Chromium on my mini 10v now is very short Linux init procedure. Usually Linux desktop starts Xorg first. Xorg is very low level graphics API. Then it starts windows manager - a layer of API to provide application with windowing capabilities - frames, overlapping windows, and so on. After that Linux starts a desktop manager - start menu, task bar, background, desktop icons... Chromium (Chrome OS) on the other hand starts Xorg and immediately loads Crome browser. Since Chromium is "one app OS" it does not need windows or desktop. Or you may consider browser as windows and desktop manager if you want.
hive, hey thanks, very helpful ..

how long do you think chrome would take to boot on a dell 10 if only chrome os was on the machine ?

the chromebooks are apparently booting in 8 seconds ...
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